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The Keren Yaldenu's


 Jewish Identity Empowerment Program


 in Memory of Joshua (Josh) Friedberg Z"L


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This unique program was established in memory of Joshua (Jason) Friedberg Z”L, a fallen IDF soldier whose life and legacy continue to inspire Jewish youth and adults in Israel and overseas, who are determined to grow within a strong Jewish identity.

Participants and activity

A series of conferences about the meaning and implementation of Jewish identity in Israel and abroad today.

This program consists of three conferences located in different parts of Israel:

  • The Jerusalem Conference in Mount Herzl
  • The Ashdod Conference of Jewish Identity
  • The Emek Yizrael Conference

Each conference is attended by a diverse audience: religious and secular, new Olim (immigrants) and veteran Israelis alike; youth and adults.

We are honored to have some of Israel’s most prominent figures in law, philosophy and religion. Among them: Hon. Chief Justice Dalia Dorner; Prof. Assa Kasher; Rabbi Hayim Sabbato; Prof. David M. Cassuto; Rabbi Yuval Cherlow; Prof. Amnon Schapira; Rabbi Dov Bigun, and others.

What's next?

Keren Yaldenu believes that this project has not only great potential to expand understanding and deepening of ones’ Jewish identity, but it also carries an important social and national significance as an ideological statement. In years to come, we plan to reach many more populations in the country, and to empower youth and adults to become leaders and agents of change in their hometowns. We aspire to see these conferences as the trigger for a wider change.


In order to have such events getting successful and extended in the future, Keren Yaldenu spreads major means and budgets, in addition to resources and energy from KYCT's staff. But in order to expand and increase this new wave and to reach its full potential, more resources are needed. 


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